Up-coming travel

I love travelling — I honestly believe that I don’t do enough of it. Always makes me feel more energised, and sitting on my duff all day long really makes me pine for it.

So I’m lucky to be getting around a bit in the next few months.

First, the family is off to Scotland again. This time, more Scotland than England. And no Ireland. Allen and Alex want to visit Iona. A week on a small rural island with ancient churches. I can’t think of a better place for a photo essay, myself. Then off to the Inverness area (hello, Nessie!), through York for a couple of days (a whole day in the National Railway Museum!), then home again. That’ll be early April.

And, yes, El Bebe is coming with us. Not sure how this is going to work — both Alex and I are a bit apprehensive about the time difference. Alex has trouble with the shift — I can only imagine how the wee one will handle it. We’ve heard that this is the best time to travel with children, so they (kind of) get used to it. But it does mean we can’t move at my preferred break-neck pace. Instead of going right to Iona, it’s going to take two days from the time we land. I can hack that, though.

Next up is a business trip to Chicago, which is actually first in the list, coming up in the second week of February. The Technology Department leadership (which includes me) will be trying to figure out our long-term plans and aspirations. It’s going to be an interesting session.

Finally — at least currently on the radar — is a weekend in Las Vegas. I’m going down for Tamara’s wedding. That’s the second weekend in March. I haven’t been there in 12 years, so this should make for an interesting experience.

I can’t wait to get back on the road again!