How to get good portability

Yesterday, I drooled over the MacBook Air. At least until I found out that it has an integrated battery. Then I sulked in a corner.
I still have the fundamental problem: How do I get good portability? The answer still seems to be eluding me. Understand — this is more a question than anything else.
Okay, what do I define as good portability? As a start:

I don’t think I’m asking for much, really. It’s not like the technology doesn’t exist. What seems to be missing is the cohesive package. You can find all of these elements in various implementations that are out there, but not in one place.


Right now, the Eee PC seems my best option. Not ideal by a long shot (I can do the PC + external HD option for less than $1,000 — I lose longevity due to battery drain), but at least possible.

I wonder how long until someone can get this handled completely?

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