Is the world really dying to see results from the US election?

Maybe not the entire world, but certainly the wired world — the people online. All day, ever since I logged on, I’ve seen Tweets, blog posts, momentiles, and the like about people who are absolutely dying to see the results from the US election.  
Most of those people want to see Obama win. (Or at least those are the ones I’ve seen.)
I wonder, is this the most-watched election of all time (I say that because it likely is) due to Obama (and his chances of winning) or because of social networking bringing everyone out into the open?  
There’s a thesis in this, I’m sure…

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  1. I’d say a little of column (A), little of column (B). Every election prior to this one has pretty much required TV access for up-to-the-second updates, but now the social media interblags have made access to it that much simpler.
    Of course, you can’t discount the Obama factor either.

  2. Very true. It’s been a long time since the US had a really good orator run for office. Will he bring speeches that will be quoted for generations to come and inspire all of humanity?
    Dunno, but I’m dying to see…

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