Renovations nearing completion!

It’s been a long, hard slog since all this began a year ago. Demolition, plumbing, heating, framing, electrical, gas, contractor nightmares, self-realisation, and now the end of the tunnel is fully lit. This weekend, barring disaster, the basement will be done.
Just in time for us to leave the house and let someone else enjoy it. I’ve still not really come to grips with that part.
But as you can see, the basement is looking pretty good. At this point, the outstanding issues are installation of the floor; getting the toilet, sink, and bathroom hardware in place; hanging the doors; putting covers on the rest of the holes left in the ceiling (e.g. vents); a second coat of paint on two walls (looks a bit thin); and fixing the cable in one bedroom (which is mysteriously non-functional).

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