Lastday. Gemini 13s. Year of the Company 2008. Carousel begins.

I’ve been with Critical Mass (Canada) for 8 years. Eight years, two months, and 9 days.

Today is my last day.


On Sunday, I leave for Costa Rica. Although I am working for another company, I’m still technically tied / linked / married / owned / have-tattoo-emblazoned-on-my-arse by Critical Mass. It works out somehow, and I’m not going to question it. Just in case I ask something that effectively negates something I’m relying on right now, and it causes more trouble than it’s worth.

Yes, ignorance is bliss.

It’s not easy to leave. I have a lot of friends here. Well, actually, most of my friends in Calgary work here, to be honest. I’m going where I don’t really know anyone, save for 3-4 people that I’m working with. That’s it. I just hope I can get to be friends with them. I leave behind the best team that I’ve worked with since I started here. That’s hard for me.

I’ve had countless people ask me if I’m excited to go. I’ll be honest: I’m terrified.

Not of Costa Rica, or of the uncertainty, or of any of the million or so things that could go wrong. I’m terrified of being alone. Alex and Mi Pequeña Niña won’t be coming until mid-July. I have a hard enough time being away from them for a few days, let alone a month. I’m going to be burning up the internet between Santa Ana and Calgary through Skype. I’ll likely have my video running most of the day so I can see my daughter. I’m terrified that she might forget her father. I’m terrified that I’m going to miss her first steps.

Yes, I’m going to a tropical country. Yes, I’m living in a complex that actually has a swim-up bar. But this is not a vacation, folks. This is a new start-up. This is a lot of work. I’ve been there before, so I have no illusions about what I’m getting into. Key things: I have a place to live, I have a place to work. Beyond that, all bets are off.

Ask me again in August if I’m excited. With luck, I’ll have a better answer for you by then.

But this is a chapter ending for me. It’s my last day (and it’s not). Somehow, I always thought there’d be more fanfare (on my end, not the company’s) with this day. At least I thought there’d be more beer…

4 Replies to “Lastday. Gemini 13s. Year of the Company 2008. Carousel begins.”

  1. Hi Geoff,

    In case I don’t get a chance to leave a note on the weekend, I thought I should do it now.

    It was awesome to see you on Tuesday. I wish you nothing but success and happiness for your time in Costa Rica and beyond. I hope your month without your family will fly by and your reunion with them will be AWESOME.

    I promise to stay in touch. I lurk on your blog quite often, and I’ll be sure to send you updates about life in England, and I’ll be sure to send you pictures of the “big day”.

    All the best to you Geoff. You’re totally going to rock it out in Costa Rica.


  2. All the best Geoff and safe travels! I hope the month flies by and that everyone (kitty included) will be settled before you know it!


  3. Take it from someone who has dropped everything and moved many of times with family. It gets better. I’ve done it to another country but not a different continent. It is tough being away from everyone and everything you know, but it is an adventure. It teaches you a lot about yourself. I know you, and you will have no problem adjusting. Good luck, and best of luck to Alex and the wee one (kitty too).

  4. Terri, thanks for dropping by! I hope it’s not the last time our paths cross.

    Lyn — post on the kitty coming up.

    Scott — you’ve taken moving families to an extreme, dude. You’re just crazy. It’s mostly the time between we leaving (aka yesterday) and when I actually see them again (15 July). That’s the tough part.

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