No, I'm not going to be working on a beach

It’s funny the number of people who now ask me if they can come with us to Costa Rica. They congratulate me and make it sound like it’s going to be fun, sand, and cervesa all the time.
News flash, folks — we ain’t working on a beach. We’re not even close. This is where our office is/will be. Note the extreme lack of nearby sand and water.
It’s the Metro Free Trade Zone Business Park, a mere 5 minutes from the airport. The nearest (decent) beach is 5 hours away over very bad roads (and drivers that would scare the pants of 99% of North American drivers). Yes, we’re closer than Calgary.
But not that close.

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  1. Hey! I resent that.. I know where San Jose is.. Heck I’ve been there! I’m still coming down all the same.. 😉
    ..added fact San Jose is actually kinda scary depending where you are, I’d much rather be at the beach. heh.

  2. Who said anything about the beach? I think there is a whole whack of us that are willing to move down just to escape snow in May.
    BTW: Are you looking for a virtualization expert? 😉

  3. “Oh, perdon senor, mais me no balan espanol. Un memento. Me hablan espanol!” — from the movie Bedazzled.
    That, and I’ve watch Dora the Explorer a couple of times. Does that count?

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