Web 2.0 Expo: Creating a Coherent Social Strategy for Buiness

Oy. I can’t seem to get a decent connection to anything anymore. Too many people with wireless connections. They’ve got big-ass routers, but it ain’t helping. Gonna stay offline for reliability.
Presenters: Charlene Li (Forrester Research), Josh Bernoff (Forrester Research)

  • Seems to be partly about flogging their book
  • Lots of companies coming into social, but how to handle this as a strategy
  • The focus on the technology behind Web 2.0 is on technology, which is often wrong (they have a slide on Web 2.0 approach-avoidance syndrome)
    • Tech changing so rapidly that it’s almost impossible to keep up to date and still keep a business focus
  • Groundswell: A social trend where people use technologies to get the things they need from each other, and not from traditional institutions
  • Objectives [not technology] are the key to successful social strategy
    • Question isn’t about starting a community — it’s why you want to start a community
  • Four step process to Groundswell:(done in order)
    • People (assess customer values)
    • Objectives (what do you want to accomplish)
    • Strategy (what relationship do you want to establish)
    • Technology (what do you have to use to make it all work)
  • Most of existing business operations already fit into groundswell objectives
  • Some basic-level sociam networking material (stuff we already know)
    • Communities will give you far more detailed (and more valuable) feedback on product ideas if you engage them
    • Branding widgets or posts signatures will help generate feedback
  • Corporate blogging costs mostly about training people to act in the blogosphere
  • Keys to success
    • Start with customers (who’s out there, who are they, what do they need/want)
    • Choose a measureable objective (otherwise, you can tell if you succeed)
    • Line up executive backing (e.g. Michael Dell)
    • Romance the naysayers (bring them in and get them directly involved)
    • Start small, think big (can’t change the company overnight, so pick one thing to gain success)
  • Short presentation, seem to be asking for more time for Q&A
  • Many of the questions seem to be asking about how to set things up
    • One point was: Who “owns” the internet at your company? Marketing? IT? Media?

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