Web 2.0 Expo: Bling Bling: Marketing and Monetizing through Social Applications

The name partly disinterested me, but I wanted to attend this one because of the needs for social marketing that we haven’t really nailed down yet.
Presenter: Ro Choy, rockyou!

  • RockYou! has successfully deployed several apps on FaceBook and MySpace
  • Social marketing can be vertically oriented
  • Anything you do online can be made better through social engagement
  • key takeaways for viral growth
    • new user focus
    • simplicity
    • novelty
    • universal applicability
  • Successful marting should focus on social applications:
    • application content integration (likeness quiz, greeting cards, etc.)
    • sponsorship (skin app w/ sweepstakes)
    • custom social app building and distribution
    • Rich media
  • Should look into potential partnership with RockYou! for social marketing
  • Many larger companies (e.g. Coca-Cola, Microsoft, Sony, Warner Bros., AT&T) involved in spending
  • Social gaming is a combination of these things, and has the same effect when done well

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