Web 2.0 Expo: Designing for a Web of Data

Only session of the morning. We break for lunch, then more sessions this afternoon. Sorry for all the delays in getting these posted. It seems that while the wireless strength to connect is pretty good (there are hubs everywhere), the pipe allowing 3,000+ connections out all at once blows. I swear there’s a router around here on fire trying to handle all that traffic.

Presenter: Tom Coates, Yahoo! Brickhouse

  • Key points
    • Your site is not your product
    • You must play well with others
    • You can never have too much data
    • Hierarchies can’t take the weight
    • The importance of collaboration
  • Provide data source, tools for manipulating that data with other data sources, and simple display
  • Nabaztag is a network-enabled toy rabbit (responds based on pairings with other rabbits)
  • Ambient Orb (changes colour depending on what data you send to it)
  • Kind of the basic point — there’s LOTS of data, and LOTS of places that it’s all being generated all the time
    • If there’s a kind of data, there’s a user-generating aspect to it
  • Opening up data and services to:
    • Drive people to the service
    • People will pay for them
    • As advertising or put yourself in the middle of an ecosystem (with an API)
    • Core service is more attractive with less development (Flickr is a great example of this)
  • This all leads to network effects (as discussed in previous days)

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