Blogging woes will delay postings

Just in case you’re following the threads from Web 2.0 Expo, they’re gonna be a little delayed today, folks.

First of all, I had my Firefox suddenly kak out and took all my notes from the first session with it. Furious typing in TextPad has restored many of them, but the fine details are largely gone. Sorry about that.

Also, the net connections here are way underpowered given the number of people connected at any minute. At least 80% of attendees have a laptop, iPhone, or other wireless device and are bringing the connections to mere blubbering masses of hardware. (And they’ve got the big ones here, too.) I also think the main pipe is about three times too small. Hence why the Flickr feed ain’t got much in it right now.

Also, my camera battery is about dead. Not sure how that happened — it was fine when I got up this morning. Probably all that wireless connectivity time (most it failing to connect) killed it. I’ll post pix when I get back to the hotel at lunch.

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