Privatize Calgary Transit

I was recently out in the United Kingdom on vacation. If you know my travel habits, you know I rarely stay in one place for long — I like to move around. (Yes, this often fuels or is fueled by my mild obsession with trains.) It means that I often pay close attention to public transit, and how it operates.
While we were in York, a thought suddenly hit me. I’m sure I’d seen this elsewhere, but it hadn’t really registered. The buses weren’t run by York Transit, or Transit Yorkshire, or anything directly related to the city/region government. The buses were privatized through FirstGroup PLC.
And suddenly I thought: Why couldn’t Calgary do the same?
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Renovations Update

Since we went off world-hopping, a lot has happened. That’s not to say the basement is done yet. Sadly, we had hoped for completion by May. A couple of starting delays, and then a labour disruption with our contractor led to a bit of a slowdown. It’s almost the end of April, which means it’ll be an Act of God to get the basement done by May.
I think we’re okay with that. But it can’t go on much longer. Time’s a-runnin’ out.
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Web 2.0 Expo: Casual Privacy

Last session of the conference. And yes, another Schill recommendation. But this one I wanted to go to as well. We always have this problem — how to let people know something is private without the fear of “unauthorised” access.
Sadly, Kellan’s slides exploded just prior to the session, so we see an Apple-like presentation sans imagery.
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Web 2.0 Expo: Capacity Planning for Web Operations

Schill suggested I go to this one as well. Again, mostly because Schill knows the guy, but given how this is perennial problem for us as well, it couldn’t hurt to see how Flickr handles the problem.
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Web 2.0 Expo: Even Faster Web Sites

Hanging out with Schill today, and he’s giving me some really great suggestions on what to see. Although the CM team did suggest something different, he’s saying we should see this one. Naturally, Schill knows the guy, but from his POV, this is a cannot-miss session.
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Web 2.0 Expo: Friday Keynote

Maybe it’s just me, but running keynotes every single day of a conference seems really silly, and waters down the value of the concept of a keynote. But I digress. Either way, this morning features Tim O’Reilly (again), Jonathan Schwartz (Sun Microsystems), Fake Steve Jobs (aka Daniel Lyons), Matt Cutts (Google), and Matt Mullinweg (WordPress).
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Web 2.0 Expo: Bling Bling: Marketing and Monetizing through Social Applications

The name partly disinterested me, but I wanted to attend this one because of the needs for social marketing that we haven’t really nailed down yet.
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Web 2.0 Expo: Designing for a Web of Data

Only session of the morning. We break for lunch, then more sessions this afternoon. Sorry for all the delays in getting these posted. It seems that while the wireless strength to connect is pretty good (there are hubs everywhere), the pipe allowing 3,000+ connections out all at once blows. I swear there’s a router around here on fire trying to handle all that traffic.
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