Anyone going to Web 2.0 Expo?

Yep, one of my “favourite” buzzwords, Web 2.0, now has a conference thanks to O’Reilly — the same folks who came up with the buzzword in the first place. This is the Expo, not the Summit, which although similiar is somehow different. I haven’t quite figured that one out yet. Either way, I lucked into this little ditty, and am attending April 22-25 in San Francisco.
Anyone else going? Hope to see you there!

Anyone know what Terminal 4 at Heathrow is like right now?

We leave for Scotland via London Wednesday evening, on BA 102. We arrive, according to British Airways’ information, at Terminal 4. I consider this a good thing, given that Terminal 5 is a living nightmare right now.
However, that said, there is NOTHING in the news about how the other terminals are faring at Heathrow airport. Does anyone know what baggage delays — if any — exist at the other terminals? Pileups at one surely must affect the others. Any and all pointers are appreciated! 🙂

Why I pick on Microsoft

You’ve probably noticed a few posts about Microsoft on this site. Most of them are rants. And, indeed, there are those who’ve noticed me picking on Microsoft on Experience Matters as well. (Certainly, Neil‘s noticed it and taken me to task on that.)
But I don’t do it for the sake of doing it. Ranting (bitching, complaining, whatever you want to call it) is pointless without reason. And it’s only with a bit of retrospect that I’ve come to the root of my problem with Microsoft.
In short, Microsoft doesn’t suck. But it could be a whole lot better.
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I hate going on vacation

I get four weeks of vacation a year. It’s not a lot, especially now that I have a family that I want to spend lots of time with. But you make do with what you have, right?
My problem isn’t so much the lack of time I have to use, it’s the time I have to spend up-front before I can leave the office. That’s what I’m going through right now, so I can spend 2.5 weeks in the UK (and another week in San Francisco on a conference, pretty much as soon as I get back).
There is never a “good time” to be away from Critical Mass — something is always happening. And I fear that this might be a worse time than usual to be gone.
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How much of the internet is a waste of time?

So the other day, one of my coworkers starts laughing about how there’s this video out there, two somewhat-scantily clad women with tinfoil-wrapped boxes on their heads, doing a choreographed “dance” to Daft Punk’s Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.
Then it hit me.
Someone — namely these two people — had to spend a considerable amount of time creating this. Thinking up the idea, practising it, filming it (with however many takes to get through the mistakes and undoubted laughter), and editing it.
Then it really hit me.
How much of the stuff out there is a complete waste of time?
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Renovations renewed

Well, as you already know, I’ve accepted the fact that I cannot renovate my own home. I’m neither skilled enough, nor have the time to handle it. (As it stands, there is considerable discussion that I’m not spending enough time with my family as it is.)
Anyway, we finally decided it was necessary to get a contractor to come in and finish the job.
No, scratch that.
To undo the mess I made, and do it right.
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On my way home

Well, the wedding’s done, Tamara and Dan are wed, and pretty much everyone is pooped. The bridal party was out late the night before, the groom’s group was fairly tired, and I’m just beat from all the running around. My feet are killing me.
It wasn’t the shortest wedding I’ve been to, but it was definitely more expedient than most of the ones I’ve seen. That said, it was still a lovely ceremony.
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Back in Vegas

It’s been nearly a dozen years since I was last (and first) in Las Vegas. (See [[Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Mesa Verde Cave Dwellings, Grand Canyon, and Arrival in Las Vegas]].) It’s been a long time, and this city has changed a lot since I was here last. And not all for the good, I should say.
If you’ve watched CSI, you’ve seen a stylised version of Las Vegas. And it ain’t the one that’s here. This is half gambling, half drunken idiots, half shopping, half selling sex, with some shows tossed in for fun.
Yes, I know that adds up to well more than 100%. But this is a city of excesses.
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There was an election?

Yep, believe it or not, there was an election in Alberta yesterday. Provincial. New MLAs, new premier (in theory), all that jazz. In most provinces, it’s usually time of actual change — old regimes are voted out, new ones come to power, more scandals (from different angles), and (this is the important part) an opposition party that actually has some teeth.
But this is Alberta. Nothing ever changes in Alberta. The PCs being in an overwhelming majority is like the sun coming up in the morning.
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