CMMYs 2008 (in review)

Last night was our annual awards show: the CMMYs. I have no idea what the last “MY” stand for, if anything at all. I know it’s meant to sound like the “Emmys”, just without all the pomp and circumstance.
‘Cuz around here, pomp is hard to find, and circumstance is often what leads to incriminating photographs.
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80th Oscars

Well, the annual Oscars show has come and gone again. And I almost missed it this time! It was by mere fluke that I happened to come across the E-Talk Red Carpet pre-show tonight. If I hadn’t caught it during a brief pause in my harried running around, I might have missed the show.
Not that I really would have missed much, admittedly. I have to admit, it was one of the more boring years.
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This ain't no man-cold

When I woke up yesterday, I felt fine.
By noon, the sniffles had set in. At 15:00, I had that queasy feeling telling me a cold was coming on. When I got home, I was congested and achy.
That was just the start.
Didn’t sleep worth beans last night. Head stuffed like a turkey. Feel like I’ve run marathons for a year without any physical improvement.
Tori or Mark (possibly both of you) — I’ll get even with you for this.

Tech Summit, Day 2

Day 2 got off to a lousy start. I was sick. Nastily so. At first, I thought it was a hangover (I might have had — perhaps — one beer too many last night). But I realised very quickly that this was not, in fact, a hangover. I’ve had my share of them, I know how they affect me, and I know how to handle them.
This thing — whatever it was — knocked me flat on my back and sent me back to bed for the rest of the morning. Fortunately, I didn’t feel like I missed too much.
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Tech Summit, Day 1

Tech Summits are dicey things. Sort of like trying to catch a greased pig. You can see it, you can describe it, but it’s a pain to pin down and hold still. It has a life of its own and just as soon as you get your head wrapped around it, the damn thing’s gone and wriggled off.
And we’re just through Day 1…
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Solids and Teeth

About two weeks or so ago, I witnessed my first semi-solid poop.
Yes, believe it or not, as a parent this is big news. You talk about poop a lot. Too much, really, but it’s because it’s one of the best ways to identify the health of your child. And semi-solid poop (as opposed to the usual liquid variety) is a sign that things are moving on.
You want to upchuck the moment you smell it, but this is a definite improvement.
On a similar solid front, we’ve started moving to solid foods. Well, semi-solid foods. Rice cereal, to be exact. Friday night was the initial run, and although it was pretty much little more than breast milk with a smattering of powder, it was something to start. Last night was much thicker, and we still witnessed a lot of ingestion.
More importantly, we can feel teeth. I wasn’t looking for teeth, but had my finger in my wee one’s mouth, and discovered the ridges of a tooth. Surprisingly, we haven’t really had a massive amount of screaming, so hopefully the teething time will go easily.
(And on that note, I’ve now jinxed the situation.)
We’re approaching six months. Many milestones yet to go!

Wireless photography rocks!

I’ll keep this one quick (mostly ‘cuz I gotta run home ASAP), but I finally got my shipment from B&H Photo today, which included my new Lumix FX-30 (yes, I intentionally chose an older model) and an Eye-Fi card.
The ability to take a photograph and have it automatically appear on Flickr is totally awesome. I love this thing.
It’s going to get me in so much trouble…