The word is "ba"

Vocalisation comes at a young age. Mostly it’s inarticulate vowel sounds. Every so often, you’ll get a glottal sound mixed in there, but the cooing is rarely little more than “ayooooeeiioaaaaaaauuuueeee” in varying pitches.
Yesterday, and throughout today, we got a true consonant into the vocabulary: “B”.
So far, the only word is “ba”, but it’s a start. Mimicry isn’t quite there yet. But “ba” it is. And we hear “ba” a lot. Again, it’s a start. Now comes the slippery slope. Next is “da” (so we’re told). Then multiple syllables. Then “no”. Then “Dad, can I have $5”. Then “can I take out the car”. Then “I’m pregnant”.

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  1. Taylor said “Da” before “Ma” but then for some unexplainable reason she dropped the “Da” and went hardcore into “Ma” and “Mama” and “MomME”. Now everyone is “MomME” including “Dada”.

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