Minus Forty Eight

That’s the temperature right now.

With the wind chill.

My knees are numb.

My thighs are pink blocks of frozen flesh.

I think my eyeballs fogged over when I walked in the office.

Going home is going to be about as much fun — the non-wind chill temperature is only going up two degrees from -30 to -28. I suspect the wind won’t help any.

5 Replies to “Minus Forty Eight”

  1. My recommendation – patagonia underwear under the jeans and nylon windpants (or insulated ski pants) over them. And a scarf wrapped around your face so that there’s only a narrow slit for your eyes (I’m having flashbacks to Mom getting me ready to wait for a rural school bus as a youngster)

    We broke out the big fur trimmed Eddie Bauer down parkas this morning. The ones that we used to wear for a good part of the winter during our stint in Winnipeg a number of years back.

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