2007, A Year in Review

I just realised — after I’d already posted this year’s review — that this is the 10th one I’ve done. Ten years already! Man… I’ve been doing this longer than I’d thought!
It’s that time of the year again — to look back on the year passed, and reflect on the things I’ve done. Where did I go? What did I do? What have I honestly got to show for myself. It’s been an insanely long year. Sure, it was still 365 (and 1/4) days, but it felt at least three times longer…
Before I dive into the bullets, yes there is one overriding event that outclasses everything else I did in 2007:

I became a father.

Absolutely nothing else tops it. Not the trip around the world, not the CBC adventure, not getting promoted, not moving to a new city, not even seeing old friends (as truly awesome as that is). Being a dad is an experience I never truly experienced until now. And it’s an experience that I get to have each and every day, that changes almost daily, for the rest of my life.

No way could that ever be eclipsed.

Anyway, this is the other stuff I got around to last year:

  • Upgraded this blog to run on WordPress, and I’m never looking back
  • Also upgraded from storing pictures through the blog to storing pictures on Flickr — a far better solution
  • Went to Tamara’s dad’s funeral
  • Had some very good discussions about how Calgary Transit needs to improve
  • Helped Tamara get another job at Critical Mass
  • Saw the Rankin Family perform
  • Guided the launch of the new Rolex.com website (a Herculean effort by my team)
  • Went to Huntington Beach, CA for a conference
  • Went to Ruskin (Maple Ridge), BC twice
  • Went to Beaverton, ON for my friend Kathryn’s wedding
  • Went to Huntsville, ON
  • Went to Oakville, ON for a night
  • Went to the Big Island of Hawaii
    • Had my bag lost
    • Went to a sunset luau
    • Swam with the dolphins (sort of)
    • Almost got suckered into a timeshare
    • Saw the Kilauea volcano
  • Complained about Air Canada’s continuing dip in service
  • Sold our house in Garrison Woods, and bought a house in Westgate. And moved. Again. Ugh.
  • Started to renovate the basement:
    • Tore out the old basement in its entirety
    • Build new walls
    • Had a new heating system installed (I didn’t do it, though — I ain’t that crazy)
    • Had a new air circulation (and heating for upstairs) system installed
    • Had plumbing for new appliances and a bathroom installed
    • Had the electrical panel moved, meter put outside, new service installed, and put in electrical sockets around the basement (myself)
    • Laid down flooring (rather poorly, it would now seem — too many damned gaps)
    • Installed insulation and put up drywall in the largest room
    • Did most of the flooring and drywalling in one week while Alex and baby were in Ruskin
  • Had too many friends leave the city
  • Said farewell to my friend Rich, who passed away in May
  • Rode the zipline at Canada Olympic Park twice
  • Found out I’m pretty good at laying sod
  • Didn’t have nearly enough dim sum
  • Chased CP 2816 from Calgary to Canmore
  • Nearly injured myself badly pruning a tree (just don’t tell Alex!)
  • Got a new camera lens
  • Taunted people with fake birth announcement entries on the blog (I’m such a jerk)
  • Was a partial recipient (with the rest of my business unit) of a TP’ing
  • Really realised just how long I’ve been in this industry, and how much I’ve seen

And I had a great Christmas break, since most people I work with were taking a MUCH needed vacation, and I got to relax with my now-expanded family. I hope you got time to spend with yours!
As for this year, no resolutions (I follow the belief that if you have to wait until 1 January to set resolutions, you’re not really looking to change) — though I do have a big plan in the works. And for now, that’s all you’re going to know about it.
No, it’s not another baby. That’s coming later. 😉