Top 25 Trains

The Society of International Railway Travelers just released their list of the Top 25 Trains in the world.

I really gotta remember to join this group.

Anyway, they put the following:

North America
1) Canadian (Canada)
2) Royal Canadian Pacific (Canada)
3) Canadian Rockies Steam Express (Canada)
4) Rocky Mountaineer (Canada)
5) GrandLuxe Express (US)
6) Sierra Madre Express (Mexico)

South America
7) Andean Explorer (Peru)
8) Hiram Bingham (Peru)

9) Blue Train (South Africa)
10) Pride of Africa (Rovos Rail) (South Africa)

Asia/Indian Subcontinent
11) Palace on Wheels (India)
12) Eastern & Oriental Express (SE Asia)
13) ShangriLa Express (China/Tibet)
14) Toy Train (India)
15) Deccan Odyssey (India)

16) Danube Express (Central Europe, Turkey)
17) Al Andalus Express (Spain)
18) El Transcantabrico (Spain)
19) Golden Eagle Trans-Siberian Express (Russia)
20) Venice Simplon-Orient-Express (Europe)
21) Glacier Express (Switzerland)
22) Royal Scotsman (Scotland)

“Down Under”
23) Ghan (Australia)
24) Indian Pacific (Australia)
25) Sunlander (Australia)

I’m happy to say that I’ve done #1, 19, and 22. (Given, it wasn’t the “Golden Eagle”, but it was still the Trans-Siberian.)

Three down, 22 to go.

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  1. Hi! We would love for you to join The Society of Internatonal Railway Travelers! You should go on our website, order our free (for a while) IRT Society’s Best-Loved Railway Journeys 2008 so you can read all the details about all the above trains. And you can book any one of them. Three down, 22 to go is not bad. Let’s start making it better: take one of the World’s Top 25 in 2008! web is: Thanks! Eleanor Hardy, President, Society of IRT


  2. Just shout-out to rail lovers everywhere. You can go on the web site and get a free download of our beautiful IRT Society’s Best-Loved Railway Journeys 2009. There is The Society’s brand-new, just-published World’s Top 25 Trains list. You can see them all on the web site, too. Also forgot to tell you: our web site is gorgeous and also brand new.
    Sincerely, Eleanor Flagler Hardy
    The Society of International Railway Travelers


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