A little housecleaning

Those of you reading my RSS feeds have probably noticed a wad of older articles and photo pages showing up lately. Not really a lot of new stuff. No, my blog ain’t broken — I’m just tidying up a bit.

Over the last year, I’ve found that I haven’t really set up my categories that well, and since WordPress 2.3.1 supports tags, I’m shifting some things around. So you haven’t seen the last of older articles showing up.

Also, I’m moving away from Photopress, which was powering all my images. I’m moving to Flickr. The entire wad of 4,686 pictures are there now, and I’ll be moving even more there as we move along. (I’ve even created a favourites page for pictures I’ve taken that I particularly like.)

In short, I apologise for the confusion this might cause. Hopefully, it won’t last long.

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