Calgary Winter Weather

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I’m sort of working from home today (taking care of my family is more accurate). We had to drive down to the south end of town to Alex’s doctor. If you live in Calgary, you know what that means today.

For those of you who haven’t heard, Calgary had another dump of snow last night. In theory, that shouldn’t really matter — this is Calgary, after all.

Even though it is still autumn seasonally, winter always comes early at this latitude. It arrived a couple of weeks ago. You’d think after that time, people would adjust…

North and south of the city, cars are piled in the ditches. Cars stalled on city streets. Traffic moving at a snail’s pace — and by the time we hit the road, the roads were merely wet.

The forecasters say this will be the coldest winter in 15 years. One can only wonder how accurate the forecast will be, and how much snow we will get.

And how many cars will end up in ditches…

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