Drywall ain't light

After work tonight, I zipped down to the Home Depot to get more building supplies. Namely, sheetrock. I’m almost ready to start putting the stuff up (I might even start tonight, if I can get all the insulation in place), and I’m running out of time before Alex gets back.

This is sort of my own private “While You Were Out”. The problem is that this is a one-man job. I don’t have any help. That means I have to do everything myself. Including lugging 30 sheets of sheetrock.

And this stuff ain’t light.

They’re standard 4 foot by 8 foot by 1/2 inch panels. They weight about 28 pounds apiece. They’re not easy to move. I had to get help at the Home Depot (I really only went there because Home Depot also has rental vans, which the local Rona doesn’t have — the Mini would be crushed under this weight) to get the stuff to checkout and into the back of a heavy duty van.

But there ain’t no-one at the house but the cat, and she’s too wimpy to even think about going outside these days (it’s -15 right now). So it’s just me.

Thirty sheets of drywall at 28 pounds a pop isn’t even a half-tonne (Metric) of material. But it’s big, awkward, and you’ve got to have a tight grip so you don’t drop and shatter it on the floor.

My forearms are killing me. It hurts to type. But it’s in the house, and it’s one step closer to having a near-complete rec room. Which means I can start moving stuff from the upstairs down on the weekend.

I hope Alex likes what I’ve done with the place…

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