The heating system is complete

It’s taken a bit longer to get this one sorted out than I would have liked, but the house is finally completely heated — upstairs and down — and with all the sensors needed to make sure it’s comfortable. Added bonus: we have continual fresh air to eliminate all the foul odours that periodically permeate the inside.

The biggest hurdle has just been getting the heated floors to work with our fancy new HRV-cum-fancoil. A problem because we had two different vendors do the install.

Canyon, as you know, installed the floor. They got it so we at least were getting warmth when it started to turn cold. But we also needed (by city code) to have airflow in the house, and the new code states thou shalt have an air exchanger. And since you don’t want to suck in -40 degree air into a warm house, you toss it through an HRV first. And since we have no direct heating source upstairs, we needed a heat source — a fancoil.

Baker Heating found us a combination HRV and “fresh air furnace” (another name for a fancoil). We had to have a number of in-person chats with Phil (the installer) to make sure the furnace was placed properly, to ensure ducting went where we wanted, to align the air intakes and outlets, and to wire it all together.

Technically, this all went well, as we now have a house without all the humidity we’d been plagued with for weeks and it doesn’t smell like musty concrete anymore. But it didn’t go perfectly.

Miscommunication reigns supreme. We didn’t understand the size of the furnace. We didn’t realise that the spaces I’d left for ducting weren’t big enough. So doorways that I’d built into walls need to be moved. In other words, my previous exclamation that [[Framing is complete!|the framing was complete]] isn’t entirely accurate. I’ve got more work to do.

But at least we can do it in the comfort of warmth. Important, as we’re likely only a few short weeks from the arrival of snow.

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