Framing is complete!

Well… the walls are all in place, the doorways are in place, the bracing for the bulkhead is in place, and even some of the wiring has already been run. So far, we’re off to a (mostly) rousing start.

But there’s still a lot left to do.

Flooring still remains an issue. We’re expecting another quote back from Kensington One, which will hopefully lower the cost of the flooring a bit. Alex still wants someone with far more skill than I to handle the tiling (especially with the shower) in the bathroom. Can’t say I blame her, either — I’m not too keen on doing that, myself.

Electrical is much better off than it was a couple of weeks ago. Lights, a fully-wired utility room, proper wiring for both the boiler/floor pump assembly (it had been hacked in for the time being) with a separate switch for the HRV (going in today), and now we’ve got all the electrical sockets in rec room wired and operational.

As I mentioned, the HRV/fresh air furnace goes in today. That means — finally — we get fresh air back in the house. And hopefully all the damned humidity will be sucked out. It’s a 3-4 day job, having discussed it at length with Phil (the installer) last week. He’s got his work cut out for him, that’s for sure.

I’ve got one wall insulated, but mostly so I could install the two dividing walls that define bedroom from bathroom from office. I still need to insulate the rest, but I want to give some more thought about electrical first. I’m thinking we’re fine in the walls now, as I’m more likely to run lights in the ceiling. That means I can start thinking about ordering drywall.

But I think the floor is more important. That way we can get all of our junk currently wedged into corners upstairs moved downstairs, and empty our Public Storage locker.

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