Experience Matters

We’ve been in the interactive marketing industry now for over 11 years. We’ve been there, we’ve done that, we’ve seen … well, maybe not all of it, but we’ve seen a lot. A lot of it is not great (ranges from okay to gloriously terrible), some of it is good, and a very small part of it is great. You learn a lot from the entire spectrum — the good and the bad — and how it plays to your needs.

The key learning from everything? Experience Matters.

In fact, we believe this so much that we’ve even created a blog about it. Experience Matters is all about what we think about experiences. And not just web experience. Think about what you do each and every day. You meet people, you buy lettuce at your local market, you ride a cab or fly to another city, you call your electric company to discuss your bill — everything provides an experience of some kind.

Some experiences are great — things that stand out not just because of speed or efficacy, but because it left you feeling good. Others make you feel like crap (angry, sad, dejected). It’s the feeling that matters — emotion is a lot of what drives humanity. We intentionally avoid most negative feelings and focus on the positive ones. That’s why good experience often drive more purchases — the goal of all marketers.

That’s why Experience Matters. I’m privileged (and happy) to be a part of Experience Matters as one of the regular columnists, er, bloggers. We talk through issues, and then write what we think on our given expertise. Me? I do technical stuff. (Yeah, that’s a “duh”.) Heck, my first article is on the iPhone (think I’m on crack?) ([Ed. note: now visible here]).

Feel free to drop by our site, take a read. Hopefully, you’ll get a good experience!