iPhones take a long time to charge

Something else I’ve noticed about the iPhone — it takes a long time to charge. Or at least, the one I have in my possessive trust certainly does.

For the record, I’m comparing this to my cell phone, an LG 6070. Perhaps not a fair comparison, but I’m coming from the experience angle.

And by experience, I don’t want to wait all day (or night) for my phone to charge. When it dies, I need it recharged quickly so I can put it back to use. We all know the limitations of these lovely long-term batteries that can hold charges for days — if you don’t deplete it entirely, you lose a bit of life until your battery doesn’t hold for even a phone call.

This is why my little LG has had insanely good life for the last three years. Lately it’s been worse, but mostly because I’ve been making a lot more calls than usual, and the battery’s died out a couple of times during the day. Normally, I go Saturday-Saturday. Now I’m having to recharge in the week.

I know, I know… boo-friggin-hoo. “When I was a kid, cell phones needed backpacks.” (I can’t wait until my kids complain about the size of their personal electronics. HA!) But this is the new world, and you can’t have a device sitting around for hours building up a good charge so you can use it.

Again, though, it’s a first generation device. Regular iPods seem to have good recharge times. But they also don’t have the energy-sucking gizmos like wireless, either.

Given, this is only my second full recharge (we don’t use it much except for testing/playing), so I could still be grossly unfair. And next time, I’m going to make sure the phone is either off or Airplane Mode is enabled, to make sure it’s not trying to draw power and use it at the same time.