Still no floor

I’m pissed. Way beyond pissed. I’m about ready to kidnap the schmuck at the concrete vendor who keeps screwing me over, handcuff him to the sewer pipes in the basement, and tell the concrete vendor if they want him back they can come get him … and put my floor in at the same time.

Sigh, if only violence were an option. ‘Cuz I sure wanna hit something.

I was told, again, that concrete was coming. Originally, it was supposed to come on Thursday morning. Jim called and asked “are you sitting down?” (not a good way to start) — they delayed until Friday. Delay #3. I did my best to take it in stride.

Yesterday morning, I was reassured that everything was confirmed. As the day progressed, there was less and less hope, as there was still no sign of anything happening at the house. At around 16:30, I got a phone call that suggested this was still going to happen, but that the crew doing the pour would do so “on their way back from Canmore”.

On the way back. We’re yet again another afterthought. But we couldn’t stay around the house. We had to go out — pre-standing plans that could not be changed. Not that it should have mattered in any way — keys were provided in advance.

When we returned a couple of hours later, I was not surprised to see that nothing had happened. I was just angry. Very, very angry. Particularly that there had also been no news at all to the effect nothing was going to happen.

At this point, I am refraining from ranting about the company specifically, until I hear the reason why. So far, I’ve been told “equipment failure” (which is complete BS — these companies have more than one of each piece they need for this work), and the patch had to be filled (also BS — it’s concrete, and I’d be stunned if these guys didn’t carry enough to handle extra need).

Alex is very pregnant. Two weeks (possibly, maybe even less). We’ve had to remove the hot water tank again. We are using boiled water in two deep pans so we can actually bathe. Sure, it’s great for water conservation, but it’s barely tolerable for Alex. Not cool. Very inconsiderate.

I heard as a side comment, “oh, it’s just Calgary”. That’s just a lame excuse. Yes, there’s a lot of construction going on, but four times ignoring a customer is just plain shitty customer service — it has nothing to do with Calgary itself. And if I hear that as a reason, I’m having a short conversation with that company’s president.

And a pack of rabid prairie dogs.

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