I have an iPhone ... sort of

Friday was a slow day at Critical Mass, being the “day after” the Town Hall. These sorts of Fridays are often plagued with low productivity, lots of bleary eyes and headaches, lots of greasy food, and more than a few “Oh god, I did that?” realisations.

But every now and then, there’s a little surprise. Like when Clay called and told me to come and take possession of the iPhone. Yes, that iPhone.

Yes, we’re based in Calgary, meaning that there’s no AT&T network, so we can’t use the phone part. But it is a Wi-Fi device, and given that it is going to change the face of wireless devices in North America, we need to be ready for the changes to come.

So the company decided to get a couple of units for the Canadian offices (the Chicago office has a number of owners). They’re not fully functional, but at least they give us some of the abilities we need to be working with.

But it’s not perfect — it is a first version, after all. There are a lot of really great things about it, such as:

All that said, I have a few beefs:

Do I still want one? Darn right I do! But perhaps not until a version or two later. Until then, I get to play with this one. And yes, if you’re wondering, I did write this with the iPhone.

But it wasn’t easy…