The basement is ready for heating

Today, Canyon starts the process of installing the heating pipes for the floor. (With luck, it’s also the day our electrician starts moving the service and installing the new box.)

We’re one step closer to having a completed basement, but it came at the expense of my poor finger…

Yesterday, I recruited some friends (Dan, Tamara, and Adrian) to come over and help me move out some of the remaining stuff in the basement. Most notably, the McClary refrigerator, the chest freezer, and the old washer and dryer. I can’t move them on my own (too big, bulky, and/or heavy), and they were in the way of the renovations.

Canyon needs to access every part of the floor in our basement. They need to run loops for the heating system without appliances getting in the way. The only appliance currently remaining is the hot water heater, mostly because it’s not trivial to remove it, and hot water is a necessity during pregnancy. (As I’ve found on the two occasions when I’ve accidentally knocked the water out.)

The worst one was the fridge. Dan and Adrian were stuck at the bottom of that one, and the top was heavy enough. It took a lot of effort to get that sucker out, and three of us to carry it over to the carport. I’ll be surprised if we sell it — I think Trail Appliances will be carting that one away.

Dan and Adrian carted out the chest freezer while I disconnected the washer (having run its final load). I greased my white t-shirt by accident as Dan and I carried it up. The dryer was much lighter, but disconnecting the gas line proved a lot more challenging — it was on tight.

The last thing out was the work bench. It’s a nice work bench, and I plan to keep it. But getting the top off was not easy (I honestly didn’t believe we’d get it through the back door — Dan’s convinced we could have), and I smashed my left index finger with a solid swing of my hammer.

I think a few people blushed from my utterances.

Of course, I get no sympathy from Alex. A smashed finger is nothing compared to a five-pound jackhammer working away on your innards. It’s hard to compete with that, and I really don’t want to know how much injury I need to have before it becomes noteworthy.

Nevertheless, typing — the bulk of my job — is exceedingly difficult (and painful, if I use the wrong finger).

By the end of the week, if all goes well, the floor will be in and poured by Friday, and the electrical will be set up so I can get everything started with wiring. Framing will be mostly done (gas and water lines, and the old electrical panel need to be moved), and I should be able to start putting in electrical boxes.

Empty basement, Westgate, Calgary, Alberta, 9 July 2007

Just talked to the Canyon guys, and they’re off and running. The fun continues!

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