Some assembly required

And a whole lotta frustration!

Tonight, I put together another section of framing. A four-foot section. In two hours. Doesn’t seem like a lot, does it? Nor should it — other much longer sections went together a lot quicker. I think I invented a few new swear words.

The old adage of carpentry is “measure twice, cut once”. I’ve done a pretty good job following that rule so far, and for the most part, it’s worked very well. Except when I started to get under the main load beam. Although I measure my arse off to make sure it’s nice and easy, I’ve had to go back twice, tear apart the section I’ve made, and had to cut some of the beams down.

I could measure 10 times and still get it wrong. Grr. I think I used all my luck on the outer walls. The Framing Gods are no longer smiling on me. They’re openly mocking me.

Maybe if I sacrifice a virgin or two, I might have better luck the next section…

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