The building supplies arrive

On Saturday, I scooted around doing a number of errands. One of them was ordering in the materials I need to frame and insulate the basement. Part of this is in preparation for the heated floor, part of this is to actually make the basement liveable.

Rona delivered the bundle yesterday while I was at work (Alex was at home, thankfully, since Rona kind of screwed up the delivery by forgetting one roll of vapour barrier and the toilet), in a huge bunch that they very nicely placed on the front lawn. But it couldn’t stay there.

It’s bad enough that we’ve got a giant yellow refuse bin in the driveway (about 1/4 full now, and more stuff yet to go in), but leaving ~2,100 pounds of 2x4s and 2x6s, 1,500 feet of vapour barrier, 9 bales of insulation, and a dual flush toilet is not only unsightly, but something I’d really care to not see gather legs and wander off.

The insulation was suprisingly easy to move. The wood, not so much. That took over an hour to shift barely 100 feet into the backyard. And my arms are killing me today. Scrapes, bruises, tightness, and I’m sure there’s a splinter or two.

Ah, renovations. You gotta love ’em.

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