Now I really want a Mac

Damn you, Apple! You’re making me want to upgrade my system, and that’s just incompatible with my bank account!

Especially when I still want to get a Rolex.

I just finished scooting through the new design (nice, but the only really interesting thing to note is the introduction of the iPhone to the main menu), and got sucked into the promo materials for Leopard.

Whiz-bang stuff (“when you drag a window near the dock, it reflects on the floor”) is really irrelevant in the grand scheme of things — Ubuntu has it for free, Windows Vista tried to pump this up and [[Microsoft Vista is a failure|failed miserably]], and it’s really all just glitz in the end. Sure it looks nice, but how well does it work?

Give me functionality, or give me death.

What Leopard offers that someone else should also have thought of a long time ago:

I’m not sure about “Spaces” yet, though. The idea of virtual desktops isn’t new, and was done way back in the day of pre-Windows 3.0, when TSR applications were king. Even then they didn’t work wonderfully. Windows applications didn’t help, and the issue still remains — are they truly useful?

Either way, it’s clear more and more that Apple knows how to build a computer with a functional and good operating system. And while the hardware requirements haven’t yet been announced, I think it’s safe to say that Apple will support the existing set of hardware, rather than make you go out and replace your previously adequate system with a grossly over-powered system.

Something else Bill & Co. should have figured out years ago.

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