Dim sum with the newlyweds

There was a wedding over the weekend. But we didn’t go to it. Disappointed, but admittedly it wasn’t within our direct social circle, so I can complain in any way.

So first, congratulations to both Geoff and Deanna. And I’ll leave all the “Ho” jokes to others…

My friends Stuart and Therese were part of the wedding party and flew out from Montreal for the celebration. I saw them briefly on Friday, when they were waiting for Geoff and Deanna to come downtown for lunch.

But it was all made up at Dim Sum. It looked like most of the wedding party (or at least several of the attendees), plus Alex and myself. We were invited mostly because I knew virtually everyone at the table. And I was a good chance to see Geoff and Deanna again, whom I haven’t seen since … uh … well, since before they left to live in Minneapolis.

It had been a very long time since a Dim Sum like that. While I still love going to Dim Sum with the Asian Brother Crew, there’s just something about the dim sums we used to go to in the first two years that I lived in Calgary, with Tara’s group of friends, that always seemed great. For the life of me, I have no idea what the hell it is. But two hours of Dim Sum was not wasted.

I think it was mostly because I haven’t seen Therese and Scott in ages. Sadly, it would be a short visit, as they had to fly home at 17:00. After Dim Sum, we went over to Eau Claire, caught up, and discussed the future of our first child.

Before I knew it, they were on their way home. Gone.

I just reminds me more and more how much I miss my closest friends. And how much it sucks to have my closest friends so far away.