Add another to the trilogy list

It’s not every year that you see two great trilogies come to live. Heck, it’s three so far! Today, thanks to my friend Robyn, we saw the Shrek trilogy come to life.

I have to say, while it might not be as good as the second, it was still really solid.

Robyn, as you might recall, was the realtor who found my first house, and helped us get our second house. (The only reason we didn’t use Robyn for our current one was purely due to opportunity.) She’s pretty saavy when it comes to stoking the fires in her network, and she has some fairly novel approaches to drumming up new business.


In this case, inviting all of her clients — including families — to see Shrek the Third. It was a 10:00am showing, but for some reason we thought it was 9:00. No biggie, since we got good seats, had time to chat with Robyn (whom I hadn’t seen in a couple of years), and relax before everyone showed up. So many that there were two screens!

That’s a network.

Robyn even made up a DVD of “useless facts about Calgary” so we had something to watch until the movie started. Things like that stick in the mind. That’s what makes people remember.

Anyway, it was a fun event, and a good movie. Especially because it had Eric Idle in it (as a rather looney Merlin), and a little more hilarity with Donkey and Puss. But moreso, it was an interesting movie because Shrek’s becoming a dad. As am I. Interesting parallel, I have to say, and I found myself relating a lot more to the movie than I might have otherwise.

Thanks again, Robyn. It was a lot of fun!