The easiest move ever

So my friend Adrian finally bought a place of his own. Impressive, given what he had been looking at only a few months ago. And he chose well, too. It’s not a bad place at all, and if he treats it well, should appreciate in value.

Today, he moved into his new place. I helped him move.

The funny part was that Adrian had asked me for some input on moving into our house. He was looking for direction on getting ready for his move. The problem with this? It’s apples and oranges. Alex and I were moving a house. Adrian? A bedroom.

Teak and I almost laughed ourselves silly. The amount of stuff Adrian had could be loaded into a single minivan. It was much better packed than ours (Teak reminded me yet again of a book box that was a few sizes too big (and heavy) for one person to move, let alone lift), and all ready to go (save for the mattress, box spring, and bottom of the couch).

To load the truck, drive to Adrian’s new place, unload, and take our time doing it, was barely two hours. With five people.

In two hours, Teak, Doug, and I had only managed to empty the basement.

Without doubt the easiest move I’ve ever done.

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