Critical Mass does Spiderman

One of the biggest movies of this year will likely be Spiderman 3. Obviously, that’s hard to know for sure, but we’ll know by December.

Anyhoo, the Critical Mass Social Club is now in full swing, and one of the first major events was to check out the movie on opening day.

This isn’t the first time we’ve done this sort of thing. A couple of years ago, we saw the opening of Lord of the Rings: Return of the King. We even did a sort of unofficial trilogy the night before, when Allard organized a showing of Spiderman and Spiderman 2.

Not having a car (Allen is using the Mini this week), I had to take the bus downtown, then C-Train to Chinook. Fifteen minutes by car, nearly 45 by public transit. Not too shabby, really. Ran into Denise along the way, and diverted into A&W to get something to eat. I needed some iota of breakfast.

The theatre had only a few people in it. Gord and Clay were peering at Gord’s MacBook as he tried to connect to the Starbucks’ WiFi network. I tried the same with my trusty laptop to little avail.

By 8:30, the middle section was practically full, and the movie started. Overall, a very good movie. Long, yes, and not as full of action as previous episodes (this actually had a fair amount of — gasp! — character development), but worth sitting through.

Afterwards, I tried to grab a ride with Torin back to the office. I say “tried” because when he pulled into the Husky to get some gas, his car refused to start again. A little odd, and vastly frustrating for him. Something to do with the “security” feature in his Subaru.

I had kind of loosely hoped to be relatively non-productive for the remainder of the day. That was until one of the websites started acting up…

Overall, though, a good day. Hey, any day that starts with a movie can’t be all bad.