Up a notch in ranking

I freely admit that I don’t have a lot of truly useful information in this site. While I do get a considerable number of hits for how to throw a surprise party, steam locomotive 2816, movie piracy (and Calgary movie ticket prices), how much Calgary Transit sucks, and (sadly still happening) Red Deer strippers, I don’t have a lot of permanent links to my site.

And yet, somehow, I’ve gone from PR 4 to PR 5.

I’ve been posting to this blog for a very long time (just look at the Archives). The site’s gone through … um … eight, maybe nine updates now (I’ve actually lost track, and I don’t rely on the Wayback Machine to have the accurate number). That means just as many pathing changes that tend to wreak havoc with indexing.

This website has a substantial amount of content. In actual numbers of posts, it’s only (currently, including this one) 636 posts, with 83 comments. In sheer numbers, not a lot. But consider the average length of one of these posts. Some of these stray into the thousands of words — yes, thousands — and Google seems to love indexing that.

If you haven’t heard it before, content is king. And baby, I got a lot of it. ‘Course, most of it is crap, but Google don’t know that. 😉

According to some sources, I’ve got between 9 and 20 inbound links. The highest PR of those is Scott’s site, which is PR 6. The rest are 4 or lower. Normally, the higher your PageRank, the more credence you give to other sites you link to. But Scott on his own can’t crank me to a 5.

So there’s the question: How did I get there? More content? More frequent posts (as of late)? More links outbound (‘cuz the inbound is fairly static)? Sadly, these are questions I’ll never likely know the answer to, since only a few people on this planet know the PR algorithm. But I do at least know that the amount of content you have weighs in a fair amount.

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