Basement floor plan, first draft

A few measurements, pencil, copy of Visio (on the company laptop, admittedly), tape measure, and a lot of time and patience leads to something moderately useful.

We’ve got a first draft at a floor plan. For the basement, that is. The upstairs is another issue which we’ll deal with later. For now, we’ve got our first fish to fry. It’s not perfect, though — there’s a few things we have to take into account.

  1. A sewer main cleanout port. It’s actually buried in the concrete floor. And we’re about to make the floor another 1.5 inches thicker.
  2. Someone “intelligent” put a hole into the sewer line, also in the floor, which the washing machine drains into directly. Not only an eyesore, but kind of allows sewer gas into the house.
  3. The sewer stack is not against the wall, it’s a couple of feet out from the wall. Rather odd.
  4. The chimney for the furnace is a few feet past the sewer stack, more towards the middle of the floorspace. We might have to use that for the radiant heat boiler, but that’s still to be determined.

Anyhoo, here’s our first crack at the floor plan. We’re tossing this by a few people for thoughts, including the company that’s installing the radiant heating. So it’s likely to change again, but here’s what we have for now.

[Ed. note: The floor plan, sadly, is long lost…]

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