Aloha from Hawaii

Yeah, I know — why am I on a computer if I’m on vacation?

Relax, I have good reason. Our house is now effectively sold, and for whatever reason we’ve been unable to fax properly from Hawaii back to Calgary. Very odd, indeed. However, when you need to communicate with your realtor and faxes don’t work, you resort to whatever “official” form of communication they suggest. In this case, email.

Hence the computer. But given the trouble we’ve had, I’m sticking out for a few minutes to make sure it went through.

It’s already day 4, and I’m only just getting into a vacation now. Day 1 was spent trying to get here. Delayed departure due to weather, nearly missed the connecting flight in Denver, mechanical problems in Honolulu put us late into Kona. And my bag? Yeah, left behind in Denver.

Hint to United Airlines: If a plane comes in late, allow time for bags to be sent through properly. And when someone calls in to ask about the whereabouts of their bag, don’t lie to them, either.

Day 2 was finding my bag. Ugh.

Day 3 we went up and down the coast a bit before going out on a “dinner cruise”. The locals refer to it as a “booze cruise”. Not great when you can’t drink. And there’s a very loud bridal party.

Today, we went to a timeshare presentation. No, we didn’t buy one (if we’d had the money, we would have, though). It took $100 off our activities cost, so we couldn’t say “no”.

Anyway, time’s almost up and there’s been no bounce with the email, so I presume all is good. Back to trying to forget about computers for a few more days…