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[Ed. note: The links in this article no longer work, as Imagini apparently no longer exists, despite being a neat idea. I’m leaving the article, however, as record, even with the broken links.]

One of my co-workers, Chrissie, pointed this out. It’s called VisualDNA.

The basic premise is that you go through about 10 screens of images, each of which are geared towards how you perceive something specific to you, such as what you consider gross (smoking), your idea of landscape (old world white buildings on a green hillside), or what represents your idea of freedom (a passport so I can go places). All of this combines together in your VisualDNA profile.

I’m sure there’s gotta be a psychology aspect to this. It’s definitely a Web 2.0 application, geared towards creating a social network. That, and it’s in beta.

Give it a whirl. You don’t have to sign up for it, and you might be surprised what it thinks of you. It thinks I’m a dreamer, escape artist, “new wave puritan”, and a love bug — they represent the different aspects (mood, fun, habits, and love, respectfully).

I’m curious to see where this little experiment goes…

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