RedDot Product Roadmap at Summit 2007

Darren G. and Michael T. doing the presentation.

Core values: leadership (excellent choice of word) in ease-of-use. Web-centric technology. Long-standing customer satisfaction.

Differentiators: seamless management of content and delivery. Experience optimization. “Integration from anywhere, to anywhere”. Globalization and localization. Enterprise-ready social computing (it’ll be interesting to see how they do this one — I think it’s a little buzzy for reality).

Concentrating on: OpenText integration (duh), web components (analysis and social computing), .NET development, integration offering, content delivery services (seems a very broad-ranging statement), GUI and usability, scalability and stability. In the next 12 to 24 months.

Several slides on OpenText integration. We won’t be doing this — not our space. Gonna try catch on some email.

Web components. Dynamic ones in LiveServer, analog in RedDot. Defined structure to make sure they’re developed in a similar manner and easier to distribute.

Next generation of content management is Content Utilization and Optimization. Functions and components will allow users to build delivery rules based on content consumption (for example). For example, report behaviour of a user while viewing the site, and serve out appropriate content. Or create automatic recommendations based on what other users are searching for. Top 10 articles based on viewing. Most requested articles. Etc…

Most requested feature sets: blog, wiki, event calendar, voting.

Continued migration to .NET. Detailed API access comes as a result. LiveServer support for .NET coming.

CMS 7.5 supports Dreamweaver integration. (Yes, guys, this means a better editor for development, and the ability to put those files into Starteam.) Development environments may soon support Expressions. CMS 8 out in Q4 2007. LiveServer integration in Q4 2007.

CMS interface being “renewed”. Working towards using less clicks to get a result. Reducing number of pop-ups. (This likely done through XHR.) Compliant with 508, WGAG, and BITV. Fully cross browser compatible (through AJAX.NET, formerly Atlas API).

RedDot has 1,600 dialogs in the system. (They’re being streamlined. Refactoring.)

RedDot will have better meta data management, so they can provide a common generic interface to connect different content sources (e.g. SAP, SharePoint, Cumulus).

Content delivery will not only allow RedDot to extract content from various portals (e.g. SAP, SharePoint), but then also deliver content back into the portal. Effectively becomes a content broker.

Working to increase performance, larger sites and more languages. Following more SOA (hidden behind an RQL layer). Leads to higher level of release quality and quicker development. SOAP interface a natural by-product.