Flying Cows

I hate Air Canada.

Yes, I’m complaining again.

It’s their seats. It’s ridiculous. Never get pinned in the row in front of the wing exit row. It’s narrower than the rest (I’m certain of this). I got stuck behind Grandpa Recliner who had the seat cranked all the way back, leaving me with about an inch of space.

I want Air Canada (and other airlines, but AC seems the worst offender) to recognize that, for the love of all things MODERN, that a lot of people travel with laptops. And it’s really freaking hard to type when you’ve got no space, the laptop tucked inside the tray space in the back of the chair, angled in a lazy “V” such that the front of the keyboard is wedged under my rib cage so I can type and see the screen at the same time.

Business travel? Not with Air Craptacular. Unless I can get into the huge comfy seats at the front. And we all know how rare that is…

I swear this guy is gonna snap my screen in half. He’s rocking back and forth like he should be sitting on a porch somewhere with a beer in one hand, a shotgun in the other, and muttering something about “damn kids”. Clay’ll have my ass if this screen breaks because of this.

Here’s something for the airlines to try: how about being laptop-friendly? A bit more space between the seats. I do not believe this is a lot to ask. And no, suggesting I get a business class ticket is not a solution — I don’t pay for my business trips and the key issue is price. Ergo, I sit in cattle class. I still expect a level of comfort, however.

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