Solve the Challenges of Social Computing with RedDot at Summit 2007

Just spent an hour talking with the presenter (Darren Guarnaccia) about RedDot software and partnership avenues. Anyhoo, on with the good stuff…

“This stuff is a little bit forward thinking.” It’s where they think we’ll be in the next year. The idea is to think ahead to when the CIO/CEO/CXO asks: “What are we doing about this?”

Quick discussion: “social computing” mean to refer to bi-directional communication.

Three tenants:

Slide from Forrester Big Idea “Social Computing” Feb 2006: Social Computing Changes How You Innovate. Slide from same report: The Value of Social Computing.

All stuff that I already know about social computing so far. I was hoping there’d be more about how to do this with RedDot. Doh. Business track. Rats. Ah, Just lots of intro. Understandable, this topic scares a lot of people. Only two of us in the room have “web 2.0” experience, by the looks of it. RedDot seems to understand the truth of social computing — blogs without comments aren’t blogs.

Suggestions: contextualize the experience. If you have someone blogging on your site about something they’ve seen, ensure that the context includes related site material. (Example given for Baltimore Aquarium: someone saw the dolphin show. Related content: show the schedule for the shows.)

Demonstration has included the Dell support forum. Someone posts a question/issue about their display. Where are the links to other content in the site? Deals to purchase accessories (or the same model of monitor)? The system isn’t so much about the person posting the initial material — it’s everyone else who’ll find it.

Forums provided as part of LiveServer 3.1.   RedDot provides personalization/authorization to assist with social computing capture and management.