Gala Banquet at Summit 2007

After the last batch of sessions this afternoon, we broke up for about two hours to wait for the gala event. Apparently, this is the big event of the Summit conference. Bad things tend to happen. (Jim, think of any given night of the San Jose SES. Along those lines. Just a bit tamer.)

That said, I’ve spent most of my time talking business. Mostly with the CHUM guys. Damn, they’re a wealth of information and experience. Also nostalgia. Being from Southern Ontario, they’re really donating a lot of background to my perceived history … and squashing a few preconceptions in the process. But I can live with that.

Today was an exceedingly educational day. Save for the last two sessions, I learned a lot about what we should be doing back at the farm. These are the sort of things that we need to bring forth to our team to ensure that we work efficiently and smartly (if that is in fact a word — not that we’ve been inventing any in the last little while).

The band here is some Beach Boys knock-off. Mildly cheesy. But better than the RedDot room with some wacky DJ who seems stuck in the 70s. I feel old enough as it is, thank you very much.

If nothing else, I’ve gained a lot of new contacts while here. It’s going to be an interesting few months coming up as I take this information, disseminate it and attempt to use it directing the overall project.

At the very least, I’ve gained back a lot of faith in our content management system than before I came down here. I know that we’re not the only ones with troubles and difficulties, and I know that they’ve all been overcome. It’s just how we do it…