Complementing and Enhancing Search Engine Optmization (SEO) Using RedDot CMS at Summit 2007

Presented by Shannon Ryan of Non-Linear Creations. We know a lot about SEO, so we’re gonna be picky.

A couple of slides on Non-Linear’s business models. But emphasis on Digital Marketing with emphasis on Email Marketing and SEM. Done 40 RedDot implementations.

“You’ll never outsmart Google.” I like this quote.

Non-Linear has a best practices doc for RedDot. Suggested reading. Subtle hint, folks.

Only two people have any admitted SEM knowledge. Only one (myself) has actually done a lot of SEM. No-one in RedDot (given, the site is SEO’d, but we followed standard practices — nothing that any other CMS could potentially do).

Dude knows his stuff. Old hat for us, but he would do well to present at SES. A little too much focus on PPC, though.

RedDot CMS works well with SEO. LiveServer will be an issue due to dynamic URLs. There is a workaround, but “it ain’t easy”.

Not much else that we didn’t already know. Ahead of the curve! (For now…) Would have been nice to have more material specifically on tougher RedDot issues for SEM.