Another Day at Summit 2007

There was a “commonwealth” dinner last night. Originally meant to be just we Canucks (there’s quite a few of us), the Australian contingent was invited to come along as well. Apparently, Australia is becoming a booming market as well.

I had the pleasure of meeting Andre and Johnathan from ChumCity, who don’t use use RedDot — they’ve modded like nothing we could even imagine. Over the last two years, they’ve hacked the bejeezus out of their 6.5 installation. Full AJAX interface (they have no Open Page red dots) with drag-and-drop components for content.

RedDot also doesn’t do any publishes — they wrote their own RQL machine to export data into the correct directories and publish out to Akamai within five minutes. “Hard core” is putting it mildly. Needless to say, I’ve switched my first session so I can attend their presentation instead.

Interesting configuration thought about Akamai: we can set it up to use a tiered approach, which we weren’t previously aware of. What tiered service does is set up a limited number of nodes that can access the origin directly, and all other Akamai edge nodes then access the limited few for their content. Dramatically drops the load on the origin. Might not be an issue for us, as we’re running about 1/10th of ChumCity’s overall traffic, but might be something to consider for the future.

Gotta go find Eric. I have his laptop.