RedDot Keynote at Summit 2007

Okay, hard for me to avoid it now. We use RedDot. There, I’ve said it. Now let’s move on.

Met Detlef Kamps (RedDot President) last night. Nice guy. German, and speaks English very well. Looking forward to my breakfast meeting with him on Wednesday. Looked more comfortable last night. Must be the suit.

Going around the room, pointing out key RedDot people. Met most of them already. Handy to put faces to names.

Lots of good ratings (no surprise, that hasn’t changed since we did our research), high retention (86% have been using RedDot for 5+ years), happy customers (91% referencable). (Note to the Rolex Tech team –yes, we had pain. Imagine using something else.) LiveServer 3 out. We’ll need to get that update. Gartner has a lot of good things to say — more than last year.

Just mentioned the Rolex redesign. Suggested that people go look at it. Should see if numbers jump a bit today. 2,000 customers and counting.

Daniel Kraft. RedDot CEO. Sounds German, too. Haven’t met him yet. Don’t know where Eric (sales guy) is — wonder if he managed to get a hotel room?

RedDot is doing social computing? A lot of high-level sales-y talk. C’mon, we’re already customers, let’s get to the good stuff. I’ve seen this stuff several times before. I got this in Edmonton in November. I didn’t need to come down to LA to hear the same thing.

“Enterprise Ready Social Computing.” Recognition of search engines, blogs/wikis, syndication (aka RSS), P2P sharing, user-structured and user-generated content. Okay, now we’re getting somewhere. This is where content is hard to manage. They’re using the RedDot community website as an example.

They’ve gone to Q&A. Oy. Dirigibles aren’t this light on content…

RedDot 7.5 is now out. We’ll need to upgrade, as there are a variety of fixes in this, including stripping out Microsoft tags.

Audience member has pointed out that OpenText keynote barely addressed RedDot’s existence. How will RedDot be treated, given the glossing over? Daniel’s convinced that it won’t affect RedDot in anyway. Detlef mirrors the sentiment. Basic reason: RedDot has its own keynote, so why worry? [Opinion: RedDot is stable enough on its own and has a sufficient customer base. Also, OpenText is retiring its WCM in favour of RedDot.]

XCMS working with LiveLink (OpenText ECM). Doesn’t affect us directly, but handy to know nonetheless.

And that’s it… next session should be more informational