Live from Huntington Beach

So as you’ve already read, I’m currently in Huntington Beach.


In an acronym: CMS.

Recently, as some of you know, we launched the website. It was done using a CMS system. I’m here for two reasons: to see from the vendor where we go from here, and to list a few things that we’d like to see done better.

So far, it’s been an interesting day.

For starters, I’ve had to contend with my arch-nemesis, Air Canada. Fun, wow. Then there was the security at Calgary Airport, which is dramatically approaching the level of stupidity. It took almost 45 minutes to get through US Customs and security. Getting into the United States of Paranoia is becoming more and more difficult.

Then there was the 90 minute wait on the tarmac waiting for … something.

Arriving in LAX, it didn’t take too long to get my bag to leave. Mine was #26. A rarity in coming out that earily. Then I had to catch a cab from the airport to the Hyatt Huntington Beach Spa and Resort. The conversation with cab driver went like this:

Him: “Where to?”

Me: “Hyatt Huntington Beach”

Him: “Where?”

Top ten signs you’re going to have a problem…

After a few minutes of back and forth, I we finally hit upon an accord: he wanted the spelling of the name, which he punched into his Garmin GPS. That found the exact location, which he followed to the letter. To the point where he ended up sending me around the block because Garmin doesn’t recognize the actual entrance to the hotel. Never mind that the cab fare was USD$100. Ouch.

I met a number of Canucks this evening which use the same CMS system that we now use on the Rolex account. (Yes, I’m intentionally not telling you what it is. I don’t want to be perceived as endorsing anything.) Needless to day, we had a number of interesting conversations this evening.

Tomorrow — today, actually — will be a long day. Many discussions, many meetings, many sessions. I hope it all goes well.