Kitty in a cone

There’s just nothing so pathetic as a cat that has to wear a cone.

Asia’s whiskers are capped, her ears are muffled, and there’s this strange thing that she can’t seem to back out of no matter how hard she tries. I feel so sorry for her.

But she needs it.

Because we’ve been a little too lax in trimming her claws, Asia got a little overzealous in scratching her ear. One little snick and (what the vet thinks was) a little kitty litter … instant infection.

So off to the vet (I highly recommend the Alpine Pet Hospital here in Calgary). It wasn’t serious, thankfully, and fairly minor. A cleaning, a swabbing, a deep inspection (which was already not a good thing for her) and Asia was ready.

For her collar.

We have to apply a salve to keep the infection down (mostly it’s going to keep her from wanting to scratch) and keep a cone on her for five days. She looks like a furry megaphone.

A very pissed off furry megaphone.

Poor kitty…

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