I want an iPhone

I think I’m in love with Apple.

For years, I’ve wanted a good cell phone. And that’s hard to come across in North America unless you go to Blackberry (in my world). I fell in love with keitais when I was in Japan in 2004 and have been envious of that ever since.

Enter the iPhone (and at Engadget).

I think I almost wet myself reading about this. Not the rumours, but the facts. Bluetooth, WiFi, GSM + EDGE (which I need to switch carriers to get, but I’m willing for this!), full-screen browsing, iTunes proper (not the ROKR crap they pushed last time), IMAP-enabled email (watch Research In Motion take a tumble), and the ability to browse the web with an actual browser.


Okay, I’m sorry, I’m actually geeking out. It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen something I desperately want. This is the phone I’ve been looking for. It’s bigger than what I have now, admittedly, but ... how can I possibly resist? It’s just so ... right.


The reported battery life (according to MacRumorsLive.com) is "5 hours" with "16 hours audio". Now I’m going to assume that it’s actually "5 hours talk time", with a couple days of standby. Otherwise, this is almost a slap in the face to produce something so perfect and then woefully underpower it.

And I need to switch carriers. Rogers/Bell, you better be ready to support this puppy! Either that, or Telus, you need to get out of the freaking dark ages and support GSM!

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