It's alive!

Alex went for an ultrasound today. She’s had them before for strange pains she’s had in her abdomen, but this was for something very specific.

As you already know, Alex had a positive pregnancy test on 31 December. That alone was a surprise. It was something I hoped for a lot, but I admittedly don’t put a huge amount of faith in store-bought tests. There’s just something … too easy about them. The big thing for me would be an ultrasound.

Alex had a doctor’s appointment yesterday, and because she works in the health field managed to sneak into an ultrasound exam today. There’s a beating heart in there. Well, the beginnings of one (it’s called a “tube” at the moment). But it means there’s life.

Life that I helped create.

That’s what makes me sit back and really realize for the first time just how much of a miracle life actually is. A few cells somehow manage to merge, and there’s a spark, somewhere, that kicks it all off. A heart starts beating on its own, a nervous system forms and creates pathways for the body to operate. All in a few short months.

Hell, a few short weeks!

Six, to be specific. That shocked us more than anything else. Six weeks already! How the heck we went that long without noticing (you can joke if you like, but you don’t know the truth) is beyond us.

Needless to say, we’re happy. Stunned, but happy. Let’s hope this goes as well as can be.

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