All new for 2007!

It’s taken me a few months, but I’m finally back up and running with something a lot better: a new blog format (and technology) and a new host.

Okay, so first the blog…

It’s taken me months — literally — to move my site from the old hand-coded system back to WordPress (version 2, to be specific). It’s a lot of cutting and pasting, changing slug paths, and making sure date stamps are correct. Ugh. But it’s done.

Well, mostly. You’ll find the static pages are still undergoing work. I’ve started to work on a proper photo manager (I’ve got 3,700+ pictures), and after a lot of wrestling, I’ve come to the conclusion that the only thing that’s going to work for me is to write one. Of course, I’m too lazy/busy to do that, so I’m going to modify the one that came closest to my needs (PhotoPress) and bend it to my will.

Naturally, this will be a work in progress. One small step at a time, right?

Now for the host. For years I’ve been brutalizing my poor friend Joel’s server with all my crap (and as you know, there’s a lot of it). I can’t freeload any longer (it just ain’t nice) so I’ve moved the whole kit-n-kaboodle to 1&1, which came recommended from friend and co-worker Torin. So far, I’m very impressed. The toolset is great and way more flexible than HostGator (which I experimented with for a while). I’ll be moving all the sites here soon.

So I’m hopefully back to a new level of blogging (and bitching). Let’s hope the regularity stands up, eh?